Sept. 23, 2022

A Home Improvement Plan Can Build Equity

Your home is typically the largest financial investment you’ll ever make. Over time, we expect the equity to increase through increasing property values and a decreasing mortgage balance. While homeowners recognize the need to maintain the home in good condition, one of the best ways to maximize your home equity ...

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Sept. 16, 2022

What Happens After The Home Inspection

An important part of the home buying process is having a professional home inspection. Even homes listed “as is” should have an inspection if only to understand what “as is” means. A comprehensive home inspection will examine all major systems, such as heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing. The inspector will ...

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Sept. 9, 2022

Seller Mistakes to Avoid as the Market Shifts

Let’s face it, it’s fun to have a home listed during a seller’s market. When inventory is tight, even less-than-perfect homes invite the frantic bidding wars seen over the past few years. But as the economy slows down and interest rates increase, sellers are wondering if the bidding wars are ...

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Sept. 2, 2022

5 Affordable Updates to Do in a Weekend

Just because your budget is feeling the pinch with rising food and energy costs doesn’t mean your style has to suffer. Ditch the big investment purchase ideas and try some simple updates that will change the look and feel of any room quickly and for a lot less than a ...

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Aug. 26, 2022

Is Owning a Short Term Rental Right For You?

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of excitement about owning a short-term rental as part of an investment portfolio. This marks a dramatic change from the traditional long-term rental model. As more travelers utilize vacation rentals instead of hotel chains for their trips, you may be ...

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Aug. 19, 2022

Is a Backup Generator Necessary?

Many people live where power outages occur quite often. This can be caused by storms or simply an unreliable power grid. If you experience regular power outages, you may be wondering if you need a backup generator. Here are some considerations for you to think about before you buy.

You ...

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July 29, 2022

Avoid These Epic Yard Failures

Warmer weather is here, and homeowners are ready to get outdoors. Over the past decade, our yards have become an extension of our living space. But as spring and summer take over, avoid these mistakes that can derail the best of intentions and turn the yard into an epic failure ...

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July 15, 2022

Security Basics to Keep Your Home Safe

News reports all over the country are filled with stories of rising crime. Homeowners and business owners alike are concerned and looking for better ways to safeguard their properties and lives. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of options available on the market; from full-service security companies to DIY smart ...

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July 8, 2022

Strategies to Revive a Stale Listing

It may seem like every listing sells the first weekend these days, but as the market begins to slow down, more sellers are facing the dilemma of an aging listing. If your listing has been on the market for a while, buyers naturally assume that there is something wrong with ...

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June 24, 2022

The Modern Farmhouse Trend Gets An Update

Farmhouse décor has been a trend for the last decade. The look combines functionality with a relaxed, lived-in feel. Pieces look slightly worn, rustic, and inviting. The ease of the farmhouse style is one of the reasons for its lingering appeal as designers look to modernize and update the look ...

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