Nov. 26, 2021

Finding Skilled Labor During a Labor Shortage

Tight labor markets are affecting industries across the country. Skilled and unskilled jobs remain unfilled as employers struggle to find prospective employees. For anyone ready to hire a contractor or handyman to perform home improvement projects, this shortage is causing frustration. As more people embrace the “staycation” and seek ways ...

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Nov. 19, 2021

Roof Maintenance and Replacement

Owning a home may feel like a never-ending list of to-dos. It can feel like all you do is clean and maintain your house and yard. There is a lot of truth to this, but homeownership is one of the best ways to increase wealth, so maintaining your investment is ...

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Nov. 5, 2021

Pricing Your House For a Slower Market

An unexpected byproduct of the pandemic has been a booming housing market. As Covid-19 hit the country, the housing supply was already low, and the lockdown depressed the volume even more. As more homebuyers began looking for new homes, fueled by the ability to work-from-home and low interest rates, sellers ...

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Oct. 29, 2021

What Does Pending Sale Mean?

When you buy a home, you will go through several processes. In our region, once you write a contract and your offer is accepted, the house you are buying will usually go into a state called “Active Under Contract” until all inspection issues are completed and any repair negotiations are ...

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Oct. 15, 2021

Understanding Buyer Contingencies

While sales price is important when selling your house, so are the contingencies attached to the offer. Understanding what these contingencies mean can help you choose the right offer for you. 

Here are the 5 Most Common Contingencies 

  1. Home Inspection Contingency – This allows the buyer the right ...

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Oct. 8, 2021

Considering Refinancing?

Tune in to your favorite TV show, check anything on the internet or listen to the car radio and you’ll be bombarded with commercials offering incredibly low interest rates to refinance your home. These rates may sound enticing, and you may be wondering if it’s time to refinance your home ...

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Oct. 1, 2021

Tips For Organizing Your Garage

Don’t wait for spring to do some deep cleaning. Winter is coming and fall is a great time to prepare your home against the harsh winter conditions and hazards it can bring. A clean garage will not only help you store outdoor items from the cold, wet weather but can ...

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Sept. 24, 2021

Amenities for Landlords to Consider Offering

The increase of pricing in the housing market and lack of inventory has left some potential homebuyers renting instead of purchasing. As a result, these renters are viewing rentals as just a temporary steppingstone to homeownership and expect their rentals to have nicer amenities than in previous decades. 

If ...

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Posted in Homeowners
Sept. 17, 2021

Essential Tools for Your Home Tool Kit

A well-equipped home tool kit is not just for weekend warriors and do-it-yourself types. Hanging a picture, tightening a cabinet door, or assembling a Swedish-built cabinet are all moments when one might reach for a tool kit. If your toolbox consists of duct tape and a hammer, a quick, inexpensive ...

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Aug. 30, 2021

Top DIY Projects Gone Wrong

The pandemic has had one unexpected result, a huge increase in home projects. From complete remodels to deferred maintenance projects, and everything in between, homeowners have taken advantage of their time at home by improving their property. Unfortunately, not all projects went as planned. Many homeowners bit off more than ...

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